If you’ve never been to the Whiskey Bar, located at 509 Main Street in Boise, you must go!  Few bars compare to the iconic rock n’ roll atmosphere the Whiskey Bar has created.  Everything from the whiskey barrel tables to the rock music saturating the reclaimed barn wood walls define this favored watering hole.  But what makes this saloon really shine?  You guessed it – the whiskey!  With over 300 premium whiskies to choose from, the Whiskey Bar lives up to its name.  The whiskey is bountiful and the bartenders are artisans, working hard every day to bring a little something extra to their patrons by creating crafted cocktails that inspire. 

The Whiskey Bar has embraced a culture of creativity by encouraging friendly competition among its crew.  Twice a year, each bartender submits five cocktails for judging, and only the top voted cocktails make it on the menu.  These very talented bartenders are encouraged to create original cocktails that are featured as the “drink of the month.”   All original monthly cocktails are paired with a private whiskey class as well, which is pretty cool!  In addition, all seasonal cocktails are crafted in-house, and can be found on the burlap menus placed all throughout the bar. 

For the month of April, bartender and whiskey virtuoso – Kerill Hutchings – created the “April Blossom” using Dewar’s blended scotch whiskey, house made cucumber cherry syrup, Warn Reserve Aromatic Bitters, a Laphroig single malt scotch spritz, and a candied Monin cucumber float (click here for the recipe).  This drink captured the essence of Spring, highlighting the freshness of cucumbers, the strong character of scotch, and the balance of bitter and sweet. 


We are excited to see what inspiring cocktail the month of May has to offer!  Summer is upon us, B-town!  Get out there and support your local businesses, soak in some soul-cleansing tunes and enjoy a refreshing libation at the Whiskey Bar in downtown Boise.

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Update: Whiskey Bar’s drink of the month for May: