Inventive. Quaint. Sophisticated. Just some of the thoughts that wash over a patron upon entering The Mode Lounge in downtown Boise (800 W. Idaho St.). A big part of the charm of The Mode Lounge is the historical significance of the building it’s located in.

Located on 8th and Idaho Streets, The Mode Building is positioned in the heart of downtown Boise, an area continuously pulsing with cultural enrichment and historical value.

From its construct in the 1800’s, the Mode Building has been an ever-changing sign of prosperity for Boise. The Mode Department Store and The Mode Tea Room provided retail options and entertainment for the downtown locale. Fast-forward to today, and the Mode Building carries on its tradition of retail and entertainment, housing the ever popular Mode Lounge and The North Face Department Store.

The Mode Lounge embodies the quintessential essence of a swanky mod lounge, complete with plush seating, calming candlelight and an extravagantly over-sized chandelier.
A nod to decades past, The Mode Lounge engages its customers not only with its classic atmosphere, but more-so with its creative crafted cocktails.
Craft cocktails have evolved since the days of the Mad Men – Manhattans and Old Fashions – to a surge of creativity and sophistication. A trade skill that is taken seriously and revered by cocktail enthusiasts near and far.

The Mode Lounge has a staff skilled in the art of designing a brilliant cocktail. Tyler Armstrong, one of Boise’s most skilled bartenders, recently crafted the “Daq’ from Death,” a dark and toothsome play on a daiquiri (get recipe here).

Using the distinct flavors of rum and coffee from Kahlua, the aromatic notes of Warn Reserve Aromatic Bitters and Fernet Branca, rich Demerara syrup and citrusy lime, Tyler developed a pleasing cocktail with bold flavors and playful garnishes. This innovation finishes The Mode Lounge’s Fall menu, available now for your drinking pleasure.

Downtown Boise resonates growth and expansion while at the same time cherishing and protecting its past. The Mode Lounge is an excellent example of where we have been, and where we are headed. Celebrate this season with a warm atmosphere, live local music, and a crafted cocktail at one of Boise’s best drinking establishments.