This was a very exciting weekend! We are preparing our first batch of bitters for a test run at the University of Idaho – Food Development Center “FDC” next month. The FDC has been a tremendous asset to us in developing our business. We couldn’t do it without them. They are a wonderful resource for any small food-based company!

During the process of setting up our small business, we have encountered many trials and tribulations navigating all the laws and regulations in regards to buying liquor for resale within the State of Idaho (because after all, true bitters are alcohol-based). The battle isn’t over yet, but we think we’ve got a solution that will work for the short term, which has allowed us to move forward and start our first batch.  We are taking baby steps with hopes of giant leaps down the road.

Right now we are concentrating on making 10 gallons of our classic Aromatic Bitters. Our process is very much small-batched and hand-crafted, and it took us the better part of a day just to zest juicy California oranges to bring brightness and freshness to our recipe. Our Aromatic Bitters are delightfully fragrant, scented with fresh herbs and spices like vanilla and cardamom to provide a well-balanced addition to the crafted cocktail. We have prepared our recipe, and now we are in the “hurry-up-and-wait” phase, waiting for our bitters to age to perfection.

We are super excited to start the next stint of this journey, which will be finalizing our label for our bottles and getting to the production line as soon as possible to develop our finished product. We can’t wait to share what we’ve created with our Boise friends.



Stay tuned…