Thanksgiving is upon us and our little family is about to triple in size as we host our very first Thanksgiving dinner. Inviting friends and family into your home can be a lot of work but very fulfilling. We decided to make our own home-made cranberry sauce so of course we had to have some Warn Reserve Orange Bitters to put in it.

It can be a lot of work zesting oranges by hand, but that’s the way we do it here. You can buy already dehydrated orange zest online at Amazon and other places but we find these products tend to include too much of the pith, which doesn’t taste quite as good in the final product. While zesting the oranges, we noticed how cool it was to see all the orange oil spraying out and thought it would be fun to take a slow motion video to share.

So here it is. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Click this link to watch the slow motion video