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The Mode Lounge – Daq’ from Death

Inventive. Quaint. Sophisticated. Just some of the thoughts that wash over a patron upon entering The Mode Lounge in downtown Boise (800 W. Idaho St.). A big part of the charm of The Mode Lounge is the historical significance of the building it’s located in. Located on 8th and Idaho Streets, The Mode Building is positioned in the heart of downtown Boise, an area continuously pulsing with cultural enrichment and historical value. From its construct in the 1800’s, the Mode…

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Whiskey Bar

If you’ve never been to the Whiskey Bar, located at 509 Main Street in Boise, you must go!  Few bars compare to the iconic rock n’ roll atmosphere the Whiskey Bar has created.  Everything from the whiskey barrel tables to the rock music saturating the reclaimed barn wood walls define this favored watering hole.  But what makes this saloon really shine?  You guessed it – the whiskey!  With over 300 premium whiskies to choose from, the Whiskey Bar lives up…

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Fun Facts about Bitters…

Whenever my husband or I chat with friends or family about making bitters, we automatically get asked the same question, “What are bitters?”  It became apparent to us that bitters are not as well-known as we thought them to be.  Usually only people in the bar and restaurant industry are versed in the magic of bitters.   If you are not in the industry and you DO know about bitters, we applaud you!  For those of you not in the know…worry not! …

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Test Run – Getting so close!

This was a very exciting weekend! We are preparing our first batch of bitters for a test run at the University of Idaho – Food Development Center “FDC” next month. The FDC has been a tremendous asset to us in developing our business. We couldn’t do it without them. They are a wonderful resource for any small food-based company! During the process of setting up our small business, we have encountered many trials and tribulations navigating all the laws and…

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Summertime Infusions

Labor Day weekend!  The “official” summer send-off!  It’s one last chance to indulge in all your favorite summertime flavors before the leaves start falling.  Okay, not really.  But the fresh flavors of summer, like watermelon and cucumbers, are making their way out and pumpkin spiced everything is on its way in.  After a great weekend of riding bicycles on the greenbelt, watching the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic, and barbecuing with friends and family, my hubby and I were ready…

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